About Us

Once upon a time, a group of people who lived in the same community gathered. Each person in the group loved someone with a disability. And each knew life with a disability was often exclusive and hard; they all yearned for life to be easier. So the group met, talked and pondered. They determined life with a disability can be easier when people around them learn, connect and share. So then they strategized, planned and formulated. By the end they gave life to ConnectWC, a non-profit that promotes inclusion in their Washington County community.

Inclusion in a community can be encountered and improved in various ways. However, to best promote inclusion, one must be educated and aware of the issues and needs. A huge purpose of the ConnectWC website is to be one central focus of resources addressing the needs throughout the lifespan of an individual living with a disability. The resources not only help an individual, but can educate the community as a whole.

Meet the Board

ConnectWC’s Mission: To create a community of belonging.

Connect WC’s Values: To think big and be bold, create connections, grow relationships, look at the world through the eyes of others, nurture everyday leaders.

ConnectWC’s Goals: To help replace feelings of powerlessness with feelings of empowerment through knowledge; provide advocacy and support to promote change.

ConnectWC’s website was transformed in 2017 by the Twin Cities Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge.