Public policy issues and resulting legislation can have a direct impact on the quality of life for people with disabilities. It’s important to be an informed and involved citizen, actively communicating with representatives, and supporting advocacy groups working on behalf of individuals with special needs.

Be Informed. Get Involved. Learn About the Process.

The State of Minnesota has a wealth of information on how a bill becomes a law, how to contact a legislator, how to get more involved, etc. The more you know the more power you have! The FAQ section of the Minnesota State Legislature website is a great place to start.

Legislative Updates & Advocacy Opportunities

Refer to this page for websites to learn about legislative updates in regards to disability issues – particularly in Minnesota – as well as advocacy groups throughout the state. Do you know of a group not listed? Please let us know!

Important Legislation to Be Aware Of

The legislation listed are laws that Connect WC has found helpful to know. Do you notice one that you find helpful is not listed? Be sure to send us a note as the more we are educated on key disability-related legislation, the better for all!

Who Are My Representatives?

Knowing government leaders is key to making life more inclusive and enjoyable for those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Often officials are unaware of issues because no one talks about them. There is proof in the power of one. If you know of a change that could make lives of others better, contact your representatives! Same rings true if you notice legislation changes that could have a negative impact on you or someone you know.


Voting can be an exciting, yet overwhelming event for individuals living with a disability. Being educated on voting tips and options can cut down on the stress.